Where Should I Place My Ruler?

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In terms of measuring, I have often wondered whether the line on a ruler should sit ON the edge or BESIDE the edge of the fabric? I know it might only be a whisker difference but should I only see fabric beneath the measurement line?

Submitted by Denise

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What a good question! I personally prefer to have my ruler sit directly ON the edge of the fabric as opposed to beside it. You are correct that it would only be a tiny difference if any at all, so I would just recommend consistency. However you choose to line up your ruler, do so the same every time.

Hope this helps!

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12 Responses to “Where Should I Place My Ruler?”
    • Customer Service

      Hi, Deb. I would not recommend using metallic thread on a hot pad as it does not stand up well to heat. The metallic coating on the thread can warm and actually almost peel off. Heat also weakens the thread.

  1. Mary Enders

    When piecing I use a 1.4 length stitch. Should I back stitch or reinforce at the beginning and end of piecing or is the 1.4 stitch small enough to lock stitches?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Mary. You do not need to backstitch when piecing. Even if you were using a standard stitch length you would not need to backstitch when piecing. As you construct your quilt top, the edges of the seams will be caught in other seams, reinforcing them as you go.

  2. Christine

    What is the best way to make sure all layers of the quilt are taunt so it can be pinned before machine quilting?

  3. Peggy Harris

    I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter on this page. It won’t let me type in the field. However, it lets me type in this one. Weird.

  4. Carol

    I am new at this and have wanted to make some of these beautiful blankets.
    Can you give me some help in what to use and buy so I can have a go and see if I can make a blanket or 2.please

    • Customer Service

      Hello Carol,

      If you are looking to buy rulers and cutting mats- you can find them at most craft and fabric stores. Some of the more common and easiest to find mats are made by Olfa, and the most commonly found rulers are made by Omnigrid.

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