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Meet an NQC Ambassador: Chris Davidson

We are so excited to introduce Chris Davidson, a National Quilters Circle Ambassador! Be sure to connect with Chris on her website Memories in Stitches, on her Facebook page, and Instagram. Think you have what it takes to be a National Quilters Circle Ambassador? Apply here! Check out our question and answer with Chris below!…

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Meet Susan Guzman of SuzGuz Designs

I’ve been quilting on a regular basis for about 14 years and am self-taught. I’ve always enjoyed figuring things out on my own and found much satisfaction in challenging myself to learn the various techniques and methods of quilting. When I began quilting, I joined an online quilt guild with members from the U.S. and Canada and almost immediately began joining their regular Round Robins to perfect my skills: from redwork blocks to hand applique and machine piecing, I enjoyed how imaginative and diverse the projects could be.

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