NQC LIVE! July 2018

Did you miss July’s LIVE event? Catch the full recap here with special guest and quilting expert, Susan Guzman. Susan answers your quilting questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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40 Responses to “NQC LIVE! July 2018”

  1. Lesley Hill

    I missed the links to the :-
    – Lexington Block 6
    – Finishing instructions for the throw

    Where can I find them
    Many thanks Lesley

  2. MJ

    Ashley and Sue, if you’ve not found the name of the ‘horse soap’ used by quilters, it is called ORVUS.

    Also if you are looking for a good template for flying geese try Deb Tucker’s wing clipper template. Pieces are cut slightly oversized and trimmed once pieced. The instructions are excellent.

  3. mekastle

    Where do I find the pattern for the Lexington Square sampler pattern. What is the website?

  4. Janet Johnson

    Love the idea of live questions. Look forward to learning much more about quilting

  5. Victoria Lipp

    I have loved doing the Lexington Square Sampler, Susan. Will you be doing another mystery quilt soon? Thank you so much for the wonderful blocks and instructions.

  6. jojodash

    The facebook group to assist you on your own machine. R u able to pass this info along to us?

  7. Mindy

    Can you tell us the name of the Facebook group that you mentioned that can help us get started with quilting on our home machine, thank you!!!

  8. raewyn

    I am member from New Zealand,, I would love to know where I can get some of the wash. Can a list go up on the web site please?

  9. Michelle Wetzel

    I enjoy seeing a quilting design included with a pattern. Do you have a particular quilting pattern in mind that could be used for the Lexington quilt? I am a new longarm quilter and am having trouble figuring out what quilting design would look the best on a block. Thank you for a great quilt along

  10. jojodash

    Hello Joana here. I am a new quilter. While sewing, my material seems to want slide to the left. Which in turn I feel I am constantly fighting to keep it at 1/4″ seam. Do u have a trick or what do I need to check/change on my machine. ( Babyloc Sophia)

  11. Bev Burnett

    tie a knot and run the needle close down in the quilt and bring it back to top and cut

  12. lorzob776

    I am hand quilting my latest quilt, never tried it before. What is the correct way to end my thread to begin another? Do I just tie a knot and hide it?

  13. Raewyn Clark

    I find using a piece of baking paper underneath and on top of the piece, This presses the fusible webbing evenly but some brands to bubble a little, the webbing does not have sufficient adhesive. Aluminion foil ironed on the residue with lift it off. Enjoying you life discussion. First time viewer

  14. Kelo

    Please disregard prior question from me. Sorry, I thought this was the sewing forum. No quilting related questions from me tonight.

  15. Kelo (key-low)

    What is the secret to applying iron-on interfacing and not have it ‘bubble’ up after being pressed. I follow the directions, but seems like I can never get it adhered smoothly.