• Cutting extra fabric

    How to Make Molas with a Modern Flare

    Learn how to make molas using a modern technique that is quick and easy. Heather Thomas shows you how to layer a contrasting fabric with colorful units that are cut away to create the look of a mola. What is a Mola? Mola is a Kuna Indian word for clothing. Traditionally, panels of elaborately decorated…

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  • Borders & Bindings: Using "L" Seams

    Borders & Bindings: Using “L” Seams

    When it comes to stitching long pieces of fabric, using the ā€œLā€ seam is way to go! Heather Thomas provides a helpful technique known as the ā€œLā€ seam to join strips for borders and bindings. Go through each step with Heather and begin practicing this quilting technique.

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