• Quilt Design Ideas for Machine Quilting

    Design Ideas for Machine Quilting

    It’s time to improve your quilting skills with some helpful tips and techniques from Heather Thomas. Learn these two simple quilting practices that are sure to enhance your finished product. See how you can use advanced designs within your blocks, and find out Heather’s special tricks for creating the most unique quilts.

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  • Making a Quilt Series

    Working in a Quilt Series

    One of the best ways to become a better quilter and increase your skillset is to try working in a quilt series. Series work allows you to continually learn something new and experiment with new techniques, design concepts, and mediums. In this video, Heather Thomas shares her ideas and walks you through these concepts in…

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  • Star pattern quilt

    How and Where to Begin Quilting

    When it comes to quilting, figuring out where to start can be both confusing and intimidating. See how to take the worry out of the quilting process with expert tips from Heather Thomas. Plan Ahead Whether you are making your first quilt or you’ve been piecing quilts for years, planning ahead can help eliminate a…

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  • Pink flower fabric

    What is Ombre Fabric and How to Use it in Your Quilts

    Ombre means having different shades and tints of colors blend seamlessly into one another. So what is ombre fabric and how do you use it in a quilt design? Laura Roberts explains how ombre fabric is made and gives you tips for incorporating it into your next quilt design. Ombre Fabric There are many different…

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  • Modern line and triangle design

    Inspired by Modern Masters

    Heather Thomas shows you how she looks to other artists for inspiration. She discusses how modern quilters can go beyond the quilting genre and explore painters and even sculptors for new ideas. She showcases three art quilt examples that were inspired by some of her favorite artists. Going to museums or reviewing art books from…

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  • Adding Found Objects to Your Quilt Designs

    Adding Found Objects to Your Quilt Designs

    Looking to add some texture and dimension to your art quilts? Heather Thomas shares a creative idea for adding found objects like stones and shells to your quilt designs. She also demonstrates a simple thread wrapping technique that you can use to decoratively hand stitch the objects to your quilt.

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  • Free Motion Quilting: Using Swirls and Wavy Lines

    Free Motion Border Quilting with Swirls and Wavy Lines

    In this video, Heather Thomas demonstrates how you can add a fun, contemporary twist to your quilt borders. You will learn how to create a design of a curvy center row of swirls banked by a groupin of wavy lines using a free motion technique.

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  • Free Motion Quilting: Using Circles and Squares

    Free Motion Border Quilting with Circles and Squares

    In this video, Heather Thomas teaches you how to add graphic appeal to your quilts with fabulous concentric squares flanked by rows of easy circles. Follow along with Heather as she walks you through this fun free motion border technique.

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  • Free Motion Quilting: Making Flower Designs

    Free Motion Border Quilting with Flower Designs

    In this video, you will learn how to fill your quilt borders with a glorious garden as you stitch all-over flowers with an echo fill. Heather Thomas demonstrates this free motion technique and offers some creative design ideas for your own quilt borders.

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