• how to transfer a quilting pattern

    How to Transfer a Pattern onto Your Project

    In this video, Kelly Hanson shows you how to transfer a pattern onto your next quilting project using tulle. Pattern Whether you want to transfer the outline of a fun shape or a string of sentences onto your next project, you can do it by simply using a piece of tulle and some marking pens…

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  • Vintage machine

    How to Make a Square Quilt by Marking ¼” on the Machine

    Learn how to make a square quilt every time by ensuring you have an accurate quarter inch seam allowance. Kelly Hanson shares a great way to test your seam allowance as well as a way to fix your seam allowance if necessary. Piecing Even if you are new to quilting you’ve probably found that most…

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  • Printing on fabric

    How to Print on Fabric

    Printing on fabric can be a great way to add photos and other personal touches to a quilt. Kelly Hanson shares with you two of her favorite products to use when printing on fabric and explains how to use them. Set Up When preparing to do any kind of image transfer technique on a quilt…

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  • Zentangle pattern on a paper towel

    Using Zentangle Patterns in Your Quilt Designs

    Zentangle patterns are very popular to both draw and color, however they can also be very fun to quilt. Kelly Hanson shows you how to use zentangle patterns on your next quilt project and how to build a quilt journal of many different designs. Planning While zentangle patterns are often drawn as a form of…

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  • Polka dot fabric

    How to Make a Dog Bed Using Fabric Scraps

    Whether you are new to quilting or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ve probably already started accumulating fabric scraps. While many of the larger scraps can be used in future quilting projects, some might be either too small or just not a fabric you want to use again. Kelly Hanson shows you how to…

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