• Creating Pictures with Foundation Piecing

    Creating Pictures with Foundation Piecing

    It’s time to get creative and make beautiful images with foundation piecing. Dana Jones demonstrates helpful tips and techniques for making perfect images of people, animals, objects and much more. See several examples and learn how to create your very own quilt of an any image you’d like.

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  • Stenciling with Shiva Paintstiks

    Stenciling with Shiva Paintstiks

    Heather Thomas shows you how to use stenciling with shiva paintstiks in quilt and garment making. Whether you rub or paint it directly, the color is permanent and washable. You’ll learn about the tools you need for this process, including stencil brushes, orange cleaner and baby wipes. You will be shown how to make freezer…

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  • How to Change the Size of Quilt Blocks

    How to Change the Size of Quilt Blocks

    June Dudley wants to make a more creative quilt using different sized blocks, but only has one sized block template. Follow along and find out how to mathematically enlarge or shrink your block to fit your needs. You will need a calculator, graph paper, the block you want to use, and your thinking cap. Click…

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  • How to Make a Needle Book

    How to Make a Needle Book

    Laura Roberts shows you how to make a simple needle book out of wool. Learn how embroider it, add an index, and finish it with a button to keep it closed. Some of the materials you will need are five pieces of felted wool (5 x 6), snaps, handmade paper, and fusible web.

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  • Image Transfer Techniques

    Image Transfer Techniques

    Heather teaches you about two of her favorite ways to photo or image transfer something permanently. First, learn how to decide what kind of printer you should be using. Once that is resolved, see how to transfer your image using two different methods using some of Heather’s recommended materials.

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  • How to Transfer Images to Fabric

    How to Transfer Images to Fabric

    Heather Thomas talks about a hot new technique called image transferring. Learn to take a photograph or image and transfer it to fabrics, papers, or mediums that are washable. Discover different techniques that allow you to be creative with your quilting such as a cotton fabric with paper backing, lutradur, SewPaintable, Inktense, and digital ground…

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  • Fusible Applique Techniques

    Fusible Applique Techniques

    Paula Stoddard teaches you how to create fusible applique for your next quilting project. She walks you step by step through the quick and easy process of fusing applique with a hot iron and a simple cutout shape.

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  • Make Your Own Applique Quilt Patterns

    Make Your Own Applique Quilt Patterns

    Kelly Hanson gives us some ideas for thoughtful holiday gifts for loved ones. Instead of buying an applique pattern from the store, try creating your own! In this video, watch as Kelly creates an applique snowman as part of a fun gift for her grandchildren, and gives us some other ideas to get started on…

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  • art quilts use of contrast

    Art Quilts Use of Contrast

    The art of quilting cannot be without contrast. There are many types of contrast, but there are six main types that we rely on as quilters. Heather Thomas walks us through these types by showing us some samples, and teaches us how we can identify the types of contrast we are using in our quilting…

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