• 8:11

    Free Motion Quilting Tips and Techniques

    Free motion quilting is a great skill to add to your quilting abilities. Heather Thomas shares three great free motion quilting tips that are a must to know- including how to knot off at the beginning and end of a line of stitching, how to travel between areas of quilting without having to cut your…

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  • 3:55

    How and Where to Begin Quilting

    When it comes to quilting, figuring out where to start can be both confusing and intimidating. See how to take the worry out of the quilting process with expert tips from Heather Thomas. Plan Ahead Whether you are making your first quilt or you’ve been piecing quilts for years, planning ahead can help eliminate a…

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  • quilt backing tips

    Quilt Backing Tips for Reversible Quilts

    A quilt backing is usually one of the last things quilters think about when planning out a project. Rather the fabric, pattern and quilting motif or design comes first. ZJ Humbach explains why it is important to think about a quilt backing from the very beginning. Planning Whether you plan to quilt a quilt yourself…

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  • 6:09

    Determining Free Motion Quilting Stitch Length

    How do I know what my free motion quilting stitch length should be- is a very common question when it comes to free motion quilting. Heather Thomas explains what a good stitch length should be, shows you how to achieve it as well as shows examples of stitch lengths that are too long and too…

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  • 11:01

    Quilting Motifs vs. Fills – What’s the Difference?

    Motifs and fill are both common words used in the quilting world today. Heather Thomas teaches you what each one means, how they are different from one another, when and where they should be used and shows examples of each. Motifs Simply stated, a motif is a ‘thing’- a leaf, a flower or a star…

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  • 6:17

    Best Supplies for Learning How to Hand Quilt

    Hand quilting is a great way to add a personal touch to your next quilt, big or small. Learn how to hand quilt as well as get tips for what kinds of thread, needles and thimbles to use. Hand Quilting Many people may shy away from hand quilting because they haven’t done much hand sewing…

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  • 4:01

    How to Write on Your Quilt with Free Motion Quilting

    Free motion quilting is not only a great way to quilt your quilt but it can be a fun way to add a word, sentiment or signature to your next project. Ashley Hough shares some fun free motion quilting tips on how to practice ‘writing’ on your quilts. Related Video: Basic Hand Quilting Techniques Free…

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  • Pin Basting for Machine Quilting

    Pin Basting for Machine Quilting

    When it comes to preparing your quilt top for quilting, there are several different ways you can baste your layers together. Heather Thomas shares with you her favorite way to baste her quilts, which is pin basting. Heather shows you step-by-step how to pin baste a quilt including how to prepare the backing fabric, how…

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  • 8:32

    Correcting Sewing Machine Tension for Free Motion Quilting

    Sewing machine tension can be frustrating to deal with because it can determine how good or bad your stitching looks. While you may have your tension set correctly for piecing and sewing, you may find that you need to make adjustments when switching to free motion quilting. Heather Thomas shows you how to adjust your…

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