• Creative Quilting Ideas Using Paper Clay

    Creative Quilting Ideas Using Paper Clay

    Heather Thomas presents detailed techniques to add luminosity to your quilts by utilizing paper clay, small metals and crystals. Learn how to add more dimension to your quilts by incorporating your own paper clay models. Use these fun tips and creative ideas to make your quilts truly stand out.

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  • How to Mark a Quilt and Quilt Marking Tools

    How to Mark a Quilt and Quilt Marking Tools

    It’s time to learn how to mark a quilt and the benefits of doing so! Sherri Driver gives you different methods to get exact repeats and shapes for marking your quilt. She suggests getting line designs from different books, packets, and stencils. Also, get a sneak peak at the marking tools Sherri recommends such as…

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  • Machine Quilting for Beginners

    Machine Quilting for Beginners

    Peg Spradlin provides extremely helpful tips on machine quilting for beginners. Find out her secret techniques that make the learning process much faster. See what tools you may need as well as what thread and needle work best to begin with. Grab your sewing machine and begin making beautiful quilts yourself.

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  • 3:14

    How to Quilt Herky Jerky Applique

    Applique is a fun way to add shapes and designs to a quilt top. Rather than stitch your next applique shape in place with a blanket stitch or other applique stitch, learn how to do herky jerky applique. Heather Thomas shows you how to do this quick and easy stitch around the outer edge of…

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  • 14:13

    Quilting Curves to Mix Different Designs

    Whether you have a simply pieced quilt or a large plain border you want to dress up with intricate quilting you can do so by quilting curves, lines and other designs all together in one space- Heather Thomas shows you how. Tips for Quilting Curves Heather first begins by showing you the types of quilting…

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  • 10:58

    Wavy Cross Hatch Quilting Behind Applique

    When you have applique or other ornate designs on a quilt top it can be difficult to decide what kind of quilting to do around the designs so as to not take away from them. Heather Thomas shows you how to do wavy cross hatch quilting around an applique shape. Quilting Heather explains that to…

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  • 5:08

    Stitch in the Ditch Quilting

    Stitch in the ditch quilting is a type of quilting that can be done when you don’t want your quilting to stand out- rather you want your fabric and the piecing to be the main focus. Ashley Hough explains how to make stitch in the ditch quilting easier by using a foot specifically designed for…

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  • 13:12

    Machine Quilting Tips and Techniques

    Knowing where to start when learning how to machine quilt can be difficult. ZJ Humbach shares several different machine quilting tips to get you started learning how to quilt and to also help you improve upon some of the basic quilting movements. Quilting Before sharing her machine quilting tips, ZJ explains why learning how to…

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  • 8:11

    Free Motion Quilting Tips and Techniques

    Free motion quilting is a great skill to add to your quilting abilities. Heather Thomas shares three great free motion quilting tips that are a must to know- including how to knot off at the beginning and end of a line of stitching, how to travel between areas of quilting without having to cut your…

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