• Free Motion Quilting Upside Down

    Sherri Driver does machine free motion quilting upside down. No, she isn’t standing on her head while she quilts. You will learn to start sewing from the backing of the quilt following the fabric design from your quilting guide. Look at a variety of colors and designs done using this method.

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  • How to Quilt a Quilt

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to create an embellished quilt by decorating on top of and around your quilt’s shapes and patterns. She demonstrates a couching (or zig-zag) stitch over fiber, a top-stitch for metal, a blanket stitch around a circle, and decorative stipples and circles for backgrounds.

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  • Quilting Before Sewing Projects

    Zj Humbach presents several fun and easy projects where you quilt before you sew. See many examples of finished projects that were created using this technique. Learn how to make placemats or bags using these helpful tips. Try making one of these projects and see how quick and easy it truly is.

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  • How to Hang A Quilt on a Wall

    Angie Hodapp demonstrates how to avoid making a sleeve when you finally finish your quilt. This video will let you hang your quilt with just one hook/nail at the same time you make your binding. All you have to do is fold two squares in half, baste the triangles in two corners of the quilt,…

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  • Quilt Binding Tips

    Diane Harris teaches you how to join binding using a diagonal seam. Learn some valuable quilting tips for deciding which direction to sew, and how to press and how long to trim the seam allowance.

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  • Quilt Feathers Patterns and Techniques

    Peg Spradlin adds some elegance and beauty to your quilt top by teaching you how to add freeing feathers. Learn how to draft a traditional feather starting with the height and spine. As you become more comfortable with this you will be able to make feathered cables and feathered wreaths.

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  • How to Make Faux Piped Binding

    Kelly Smith shows you how to make faux piped binding with your machine. First, choose your binding and border fabric. This video will then teach you the proper measurements for the piping and how to sew it to the binding. Also, get some tips about the best ways to press your fabrics.

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  • Fake Trapunto Quilting with Wool and Cotton Batting

    Heather Thomas teaches you about the origins of trapunto quilting, and then shows you how to make the process of creating trapunto much easier by using wool as a second layer of batting. She shows a few different examples of pieces that she has created using the trapunto style of quilting to draw attention to…

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  • Embellished Mini Art Quilts

    Heather Thomas shows you how to make small, embellished quilts that fit into a frame. You will get an overview of the examples she made and what materials she used. This video will teach you how to make a replica or very similar embellished mini art quilt like Heather made.

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