• Quilting Techniques: Tucks and Trims

    Quilting Techniques: Tucks and Trims

    Heather Thomas shows you a beautiful table runner quilts with different tucks, trims, and fancy stitches. Learn how to make these straight or angled tucks with an added hairy fringe, rick rack, or ruffles. All you need is some simple fabric, glue, and an iron.

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  • Quilting Stencils using Soft Modeling Paste

    Quilting Stencils Using Soft Modeling Paste

    Heather Thomas shows you how to make your work truly your own by using soft modeling paste and quilting stencils. This material allows you to embed things into the fabric, paint it, give texture to the surface, and what you will learn how to do is stencil with it. This is a really easy product…

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  • stamping on fabric

    Stamping on Fabric

    Heather Thomas loves creating unique scenes and decorations on her quilts with stamps. She teaches you how to roll neopaque fabric paint onto a bird stamp and then apply the stamp to your quilt.

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  • Silk Fusion and Silk Paper Projects

    Silk Fusion and Silk Paper Projects

    Heather Thomas uses silk fusion or silk paper for anything except for garment making. She teaches you the silk fusion is a fabric using silk fibers and a matte medium. You will get to look at a purse and quilt made by Tamera Leburer.

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  • How to Rinse Dyed Fabrics using Synthrapol

    How to Rinse Dyed Fabrics Using Synthrapol

    Heather Thomas tells you that it is essential to rinse dyed fabrics very well. She suggests rinsing the material three times and washing it twice. This is the part where the dye is removed from the fabric and you get the finish you want. Find out how you can use synthrapol to pull the excess…

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  • Quilting Techniques: Repetition and Dominance

    Quilting Techniques: Repetition and Dominance

    Heather Thomas explains the meaning and importance of repetition with designs and dominance in certain areas. Look at a wide variety of examples that do this well and ones that don’t. Then learn how to try and incorporate the technique properly into your quilt making.

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  • Playing with Fabric Texture

    Quilting with Fabric Texture

    Heather Thomas talks about diversifying your fabric selection when you create your next quilting project, and recommends a few different fabrics that have unique tactile textures. She shows you silk noil, lightweight canvas, Mexican jute, silk velvet, silk organza, cheesecloth and monk’s cloth.

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  • 3D Quilt Ideas: Creating 3D Flowers for Quilts

    3D Quilt Ideas: Creating 3D Flowers for Quilts

    Heather helps you raise the surface of your quilts with a few different tricks. She teaches using a 3 dimensional flower that she made with painted lutradur and wired edges that were embroidered on. This can really make your project unique and is easily manipulated to look exactly how you plan.

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  • How to Paint Venice Lace

    How to Paint Venice Lace

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to paint venice lace. She recommends using ink, specifically Dr Ph. Martins, opposed to paint because it isn’t as hard. Also, she uses analogous colors to make them blend better. Lastly, Heather prefers Japanese paint brushes called sumi brushes.

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