• 4 Ways to Create Textured Fabric

    4 Ways to Create Textured Fabric

    Texturizing fabric can be a fun and easy way to add a lot of interest to your next quilting project. Heather Thomas reveals four simple methods for texturizing the fabric for your quilt. See what materials and tools you will need. Find out how easy it is to exercise these techniques.

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  • Adding Glitz with Foil

    Adding Glitz with Foil

    Using fabric foils is a quick and easy way to add a great deal of glitz to your quilting projects! Heather Thomas demonstrates the most efficient techniques for adding glitz to your quilts by using fabric foils. See how fabric foils come in many fabulous colors and find out what tools or materials you will…

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  • Deconstructed Crazy Quilt Technique

    Deconstructed Crazy Quilt Technique

    Heather Thomas presents her fun and unique crazy quilt technique known as “Deconstructed Crazy Quilting.” This method is a raw edge technique that allows you to personalize your quilts. Find out what fabrics work best and how using decorative stitching enhances your quilt. See several examples of quilts Heather made using this technique. Get started…

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  • Mono Printing Techniques

    Mono Printing Techniques

    Heather Thomas provides amazingly helpful tips and techniques for you to improve your quilting skills by utilizing mono printing. Find out how to create your very own fabrics and learn how to use mono printing on different bases. See what materials work best as well as what tools to use. Advance creative mind and start…

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  • Designs with Metal

    Designs with Metal

    Heather Thomas provides you with truly helpful tips and techniques for quilting with metal. Learn all about designing quilts with metal as well as see what two types of metal work best for quilting. Find out what materials to use and what brands of metal work most efficiently. Have fun quilting with design metals.

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  • Wrinkling Quilting Fabrics to Add Texture

    Wrinkling Quilting Fabrics to Add Texture

    Heather Thomas teaches you about adding texture to the surface of your quilts by wrinkling the fabric. You can do this by wrapping the fabric over night in rubber bands and ironing it flat before attaching it your quilt. You can keep the wrinkles permanent by pressing the fabric onto a piece of binding.

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  • White Quilt Patterns and Ideas

    White Quilt Patterns and Ideas

    Heather Thomas takes a different approach to her quilt by deciding what fabric to use for a quilt by texture instead of color. She shows you numerous examples of different white and off white pieces that really avoid color and display a plethora of different textures.

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  • What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics

    What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics

    Heather Thomas loves the idea of making her own color through dyeing fabric that she can use in her own quilts. This process can be just as exciting and rewarding for you after learning the steps on how to do it. See examples and how they’re made, but understand that everybody dyes in a different…

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  • Quilt Color Ideas: Adding 'Pop' to Your Quilt

    Quilt Color Ideas: Adding ‘Pop’ to Your Quilt

    Heather Thomas teaches you a few different ways to add the proper amount—or that “pop”—of color to your quilt. She shows three quilts with unique patterns and talks about using colors that complement each other and work together to draw attention to the accents of the piece.

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