• Adding Found Objects to Your Quilt Designs

    Adding Found Objects to Your Quilt Designs

    Looking to add some texture and dimension to your art quilts? Heather Thomas shares a creative idea for adding found objects like stones and shells to your quilt designs. She also demonstrates a simple thread wrapping technique that you can use to decoratively hand stitch the objects to your quilt.

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  • Creative Quilt Design: Bobbin Drawing

    Quilt Design Ideas: Bobbin Drawing

    Heather Thomas shares even more creative quilt designs in this quilting video. With Heather’s help, you will learn how to stitch with heavy decorative threads in your bobbin. This technique is easier than couching with no pesky zig-zag stitch on the back of your quilt.

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  • Working with a Tetrad Color Wheel

    Working with a Tetrad Color Wheel

    Tetrads contain two pairs of direct compliments, so they can provide a lot of contrast in your quilts. Heather Thomas shows us how to use a tetrad color wheel to find different combinations of tetrad colors, and how you can incorporate the colors into your next quilting project.

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  • Using Stripe Patterns in Quilts

    Using Stripe Patterns in Quilts

    Sherri Driver talks about using stripe patterns in quilts in this quilting tutorial. There are many different ways to use stripes in your quilts, and Sherri shows us how. Watch as she showcases a variety of quilting projects in which stripes are used in fun and unique ways!

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  • Working with Monochromatic Colors Schemes

    Working with Monochromatic Colors Schemes

    Working with monochromatic colors is a great way to learn more about how to use different colors in your quilts. Heather Thomas shows us how to use a color wheel and other color tools to choose the right fabrics and colors. Learn how important it is to have a variety of visual textures and fabrics,…

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  • Quilting with Complimentary Colors

    Using Direct Complimentary Colors in Quilt Designs

    Complimentary color schemes are a great way to make dynamic quilts! Heather Thomas uses the painter’s primary color wheel to show how the different colors are used in various quilt samples. Learn how to use direct complimentary colors in your quilt designs today!

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  • Breaking The Quilting Rules

    Breaking The Quilting Rules

    Sometimes you need to let go of your precision and accuracy, and remember that quilting should be fun! Watch as Sherri Driver shares some projects with you that have broken the “quilting rules” and really explored the quilter’s creativity. Get some ideas on how you can create your next project by going outside of the…

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  • Composing Your Quilt Design

    Composing Your Quilt Design

    One way to think about your quiltmaking is as a composition. Just like a musician composes a piece of music or an artist composes a painting, a quilter composes their quilt. Heather Thomas discusses how you can keep composition in mind when designing your quilt, ensuring your quilt is balanced, harmonious, and pleasing to the…

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  • Twisted Fabric Strips

    Twisted Fabric Strips

    Heather Thomas teaches you some ideas for playing with fabric in unexpected ways, including long strips of leftover fabric pieces. By twisting these strips, you can make round textured cords for couching onto your quilts, opening up a whole new design opportunity. In this video, she shares some creative ideas and shows examples of the…

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