• How to Piece a Quilt with Unusual Fabrics

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to piece a quilt with unusual fabrics that have interesting textures and sheens. She talks about piecing with monk cloth, embroidered cotton, sheer, silk velvet, pineapple fabric, silk dupioni and raw silk, and then shows you a few different examples of her own work that utilize unusual fabrics.

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  • 3D Quilt Ideas: Creating 3D Flowers for Quilts

    Heather helps you raise the surface of your quilts with a few different tricks. She teaches using a 3 dimensional flower that she made with painted lutradur and wired edges that were embroidered on. This can really make your project unique and is easily manipulated to look exactly how you plan.

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  • How to Paint Venice Lace

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to paint venice lace. She recommends using ink, specifically Dr Ph. Martins, opposed to paint because it isn’t as hard. Also, she uses analogous colors to make them blend better. Lastly, Heather prefers Japanese paint brushes called sumi brushes.

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  • Needle Felting Embellishments and Applique

    Heather Thomas shows you ways to have fun with color embellishing and applique. Don’t neglect your backgrounds, but instead see how you can make them more interesting by needle felting. You will need something to needle felt into as your base such as cotton batting, felt, interfacing, or any woven fabric as well as cheese…

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  • Even More Variations of Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

    Carolyn Beam shows you how to add a little something extra to log cabin quilt pattern blocks such as incorporating a star in the logs. Learn how to add your own design to the center blocks as well as the logs. Start by drawing a grid diagram and then follow along until you complete the…

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  • Mosaic Quilts & Mosaic Quilt Patterns

    Heather Thomas teaches you her unique and easy method for making mosaic quilts. Learn how to create your own mosaics and see several examples of her mosaic quilts. Find out how fun and exciting mosaic quilting can be since this technique allows you to make anything you’d like! Use these tips to start a new…

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  • sewing Machine Needles

    Zj Humbach provides helpful tips that will expand your knowledge of sewing needles. Learn what the different numbers mean for sewing needles as well as see examples of several sewing needles used specifically for quilting. Find out about all the different sizes and types of needles you can work with. Use these tips to make…

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  • How to Marble Fabric and Marbling Fabric Techniques

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to create funky and intricate designs by making your own marble fabric. The technique she uses is very similar to the normal way it is made, but she simplifies it with shaving cream, white cotton, and ink. You will want to make small color ways and have plenty of combs…

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  • Value Contrast and Color Quilting Techniques

    Heather Thomas explains contrast and how you use it is one of the most important principles when it comes to design. For example, you can have a very high contrast if the fabrics are very different in value and color and a low contrast if they are very similar in color and value. Take a…

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