• Deconstructed Crazy Quilt Technique

    Deconstructed Crazy Quilt Technique

    Heather Thomas presents her fun and unique crazy quilt technique known as “Deconstructed Crazy Quilting.” This method is a raw edge technique that allows you to personalize your quilts. Find out what fabrics work best and how using decorative stitching enhances your quilt. See several examples of quilts Heather made using this technique. Get started…

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  • Glimmer and Glitz Quilt Embellishments

    Glimmer and Glitz Quilt Embellishments

    Heather Thomas introduces you to The Textiva, Angelina, and Crystalina embelishments. She provides helpful tips and techniques for utilizing these materials for adding personality to your quilts. See how to use an iron and fibers while advancing your quilting skills today.

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  • Satin Cord Quilt Binding Techniques

    Satin Cord Quilt Binding Techniques

    Denise Starck teaches you a new and easy technique for finishing your beautiful quilts with satin cord binding. Satin cording is known as “Rat tail,” cording and is a fun and unique technique for binding quilts. See many incredible examples and find out how many options you have with colors and different widths of Satin…

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  • Quilt as You Go: Strip Quilt

    Quilt as You Go: Strip Quilt

    Sherri Driver works with you on a quilt as you go project designed to advance your quilting skills and expertise. Find out how to use scrap pieces and learn how to construct your quilt as you go! Get started with this exciting and simple quilting project today!

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  • Basic Hand Quilting Techniques

    Basic Hand Quilting Techniques

    Have you ever wanted to give hand quilting a try, but didn’t know how to get started? Well, Mary Kate Karr-Petras provides you with helpful tips and techniques for hand quilting. Improve your quilting skills by learning how to hand stitch with accuracy and control. Find out what materials you need and get to work…

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  • Quilt Top Design Ideas

    Quilt Top Design Ideas

    Are you experiencing quilter’s block? Stuck hunting for ideas on how to design you latest quilt top? Sometimes lack of inspiration is the cause. In this video, Peg Spradlin offers design ideas for quilt tops and sources of inspiration that can help you dream up your next design, including reference books, magazines, quilt shows, and…

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  • Mono Printing Techniques

    Mono Printing Techniques

    Heather Thomas provides amazingly helpful tips and techniques for you to improve your quilting skills by utilizing mono printing. Find out how to create your very own fabrics and learn how to use mono printing on different bases. See what materials work best as well as what tools to use. Advance creative mind and start…

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  • Curved Edge Quilts with Bias Binding

    Curved Edge Quilts with Bias Binding

    Need a new way to finish your latest quilt? Diane Harris demonstrates her methods – and provides some helpful hints – for adding a curved edge to quilts while finishing them with a bias binding. See how Diane avoids handstitching by binding with a machine. Follow each step and add a curved edge to your…

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  • Designs with Metal

    Designs with Metal

    Heather Thomas provides you with truly helpful tips and techniques for quilting with metal. Learn all about designing quilts with metal as well as see what two types of metal work best for quilting. Find out what materials to use and what brands of metal work most efficiently. Have fun quilting with design metals.

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