• What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics

    What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics

    Heather Thomas loves the idea of making her own color through dyeing fabric that she can use in her own quilts. This process can be just as exciting and rewarding for you after learning the steps on how to do it. See examples and how they’re made, but understand that everybody dyes in a different…

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  • Variegated Thread Quilting

    Variegated Thread Quilting

    ZJ Humbach presents helpful tips when working with Variegated thread. Find out how variegated thread may appear differently on the spools than on your quilt. Learn how to get a much clearer idea of what the thread will look like on the quilt using these great tips. Variegated Thread You’ll see in this video that…

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  • Quilt Color Ideas: Adding 'Pop' to Your Quilt

    Quilt Color Ideas: Adding ‘Pop’ to Your Quilt

    Heather Thomas teaches you a few different ways to add the proper amount—or that “pop”—of color to your quilt. She shows three quilts with unique patterns and talks about using colors that complement each other and work together to draw attention to the accents of the piece.

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  • Quilting Techniques: Tucks and Trims

    Quilting Techniques: Tucks and Trims

    Heather Thomas shows you a beautiful table runner quilts with different tucks, trims, and fancy stitches. Learn how to make these straight or angled tucks with an added hairy fringe, rick rack, or ruffles. All you need is some simple fabric, glue, and an iron.

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  • Quilting and Sewing Tips and Techniques

    Quilting and Sewing Tips and Techniques

    Kelly Pederson Hanson and Aurora Sisneros teach you some of the various general quilting and sewing tips, tricks and techniques that they like to utilize when working on their quilting projects, as well as helpful products including tools, organizers, carry bags, miniature irons and graph books.

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  • Quilting Stencils using Soft Modeling Paste

    Quilting Stencils Using Soft Modeling Paste

    Heather Thomas shows you how to make your work truly your own by using soft modeling paste and quilting stencils. This material allows you to embed things into the fabric, paint it, give texture to the surface, and what you will learn how to do is stencil with it. This is a really easy product…

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  • How to Hand Applique: Starch and Press

    How to Hand Applique: Starch and Press

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to applique by hand using the starch and press technique for your quilting projects. She walks you through the step-by-step process, demonstrating the trimming, starching and pressing.

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  • stamping on fabric

    Stamping on Fabric

    Heather Thomas loves creating unique scenes and decorations on her quilts with stamps. She teaches you how to roll neopaque fabric paint onto a bird stamp and then apply the stamp to your quilt.

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  • Quilt Binding Techniques: Piped Binding

    Quilt Binding Techniques: Piped Binding

    Sherri Driver demonstrates how to make a piped binding with a machine. The technique originates from Debra Wagner’s “Traditional Quilts Todays Techniques” book. Sherri wants to make sure your work stands out by using flashy fabric as well as showing you how to make perfectly mitered binding for corners.

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