• 3:58

    How to Find Quilt Guilds

    Quilting shouldn’t be a lonely sport! ZJ Humbach discusses the importance of working with other quilters and how exciting is can be to learn from other quilters. Learn all about quilt guilds and find out where you can find quilt guilds near you! Use these helpful tips and start connecting with other quilters to gain…

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  • 9:18

    Binding a Quilt with Ribbon and Beads

    Do you ever struggle with putting on traditional binding when you are quilting? Well, Heather Thomas presents a few different options for binding your artistic quilts. See an example of binding a quilt with ribbon and beads. Learn a few techniques for binding your quilts in unique and beautiful ways. Find out what other tips…

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  • 8:22

    Flower Pounding Your Quilting Fabric

    If you are looking for a new and fun way to add color to your fabric, you may not need to go further than your backyard! Heather Thomas shows us how flower pounding can add a unique print to your fabrics. Watch this tutorial and discover a whole new way to create colorful fabrics for…

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  • 7:03

    McTavishing Free Motion Quilting Techniques

    Kelly Hanson discusses a new book by award winning longarm quilter, Karen McTavish. Watch as Kelly gives us insight into the book and the art of “McTavishing,” as well as discusses all of the exciting quilting techniques presented. The first piece of advice Karen gives is for quilters to begin by drawing on a piece…

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  • 7:59

    Quick and Easy Wire Flower Quilt Technique

    Robin Sruoginis shows us how to add a little dimension, maybe even a little sparkle to your next quilting project. Wire Ribbon Flowers can help give your project a little 3-D texture, and help add the perfect finishing touch. Robin walks us through step-by-step how to make a beautiful flower quilt using just wire and…

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  • 6:19

    Quilt Colors and Depth with Visual Temperatures

    Heather Thomas discusses warm and cool quilt colors. Each color in your quilt creates depth due to its visual temperature. Watch this quilting tutorial and learn more about colors and depth for your next quilting projects.

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  • Schnibbles Patterns

    Schnibbles Patterns

    This unique quilting technique will add that special something to your next quilting project. Heather Thomas shows us how to use a technique called “Schnibbles”, also knows as using bits and pieces of fabric or ribbons to create a fun design. Watch this video and learn how to create your next unique quilt design using…

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  • Fabric Weaving for Quilters

    Fabric Weaving for Quilters

    Kelly Hanson shows us a way we can add embellishment and expand our creativity as quilters by fabric weaving. She walks us through step by step how to use small amounts of fabric to create a beautiful design. Watch this fun and helpful tutorial and start working on your next quilting project using fabric weaving…

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  • Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries

    Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries

    Quilter Erin Russek and certified personal trainer Michael Engman walk through ways to set up your quilting space in order to be comfortable, efficient and pain free. He focuses on body positioning and posture and the importance of that in our quilting. Watch and learn today so that you can continue your favorite hobby while…

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