Heather Thomas

What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   8  mins

Heather Thomas loves the idea of making her own color through dyeing fabric that she can use in her own quilts. This process can be just as exciting and rewarding for you after learning the steps on how to do it. See examples and how they’re made, but understand that everybody dyes in a different way to get the color and texture they desire. After you’ve watched this video, next learn how to make your own dye for fabric dyeing.

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3 Responses to “What to Know About Dyeing Fabrics”

  1. Elysia Mayfield

    Hi! I'm interested in dying my own fabric. What are some brand names of Procion MX (is that right?) dye powders, and what's the best way to order them? I see that you don’t have a final results view on this video. Disappointing, but a learning experience for you, I suppose. How about a video showing how to manipulate the fabric to get it into these “packages” ready to dye? Also, are there other methods? Is it possible to lay the fabric flat, and sprinkle with dye powder after soaking the fabric? I want to know more!

  2. Chris

    I have my mother’s king size little blue quilt full of yellow stains so I want to die mustard color. I know nothing about dyeing...material feels look satin. Heard about an soda ash product to soak then spin It so not soaking wet.then lay out quilt and hand die one side then next day next side.3 rd wash it clean. Does this sound right?

  3. frances

    She is so easy to listen to.

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