Using Zentangle Patterns in Your Quilt Designs

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   7  mins

Zentangle patterns are very popular to both draw and color, however they can also be very fun to quilt. Kelly Hanson shows you how to use zentangle patterns on your next quilt project and how to build a quilt journal of many different designs.


While zentangle patterns are often drawn as a form of relaxation because you can repeat designs, shapes or patterns without having to worry about what the final result is, when it comes to quilting planning can be important. Kelly demonstrates how she practices and plans for a zentangle design by drawing on paper towels. This allows her to get the feel for shapes she may want to use on her quilt. Paper towels also feel similar to drawing on fabric and can be a great way to get a feel for that as well without having to use up any fabric.


Many zentangle patterns are black and white design that you can then add color to. Kelly shows how she does this using both permanent pens and markers. She explains what kinds she likes to use that allow her to both draw fine lines and color in small spaces. When it comes to choosing a quilting color, Kelly shows that you don’t necessarily have to worry about what color your thread is because you can always draw over it using a black pen to enhance the zentangle pattern.

Quilting Journal

Zentangle patterns can be a great way to create an abstract quilt or to practice quilting designs. Kelly shows how she turned a small zentangle into a journal page that she can then refer back to the next time she plans a zentangle. Making a quilting journal is a great way to build a reference of quilting designs you may want to add to a quilt in the future.

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  1. Janet Hammond

    Kelly, Love, love, LOVE the cat quilt behind you!

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