Using Stamped Leather in Your Quilting Projects

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Quilts don’t always have to include batting, especially when it comes to an art quilt. Heather Thomas explains how a quilt can be simply two layers of fabric stitched or quilted together, and in this case the fabric is stamped leather.


For this quilting project Heather shows how to create a piece of stamped leather that is going to become the focal point for an art quilt. To begin, she explains what kind of leather she has and gives ideas on where you can get similar leather. She then shows what stamps and paints she is going to use. The stamp Heather uses is one she carved herself, however you can purchase stamping blocks in various sizes at many craft stores. For the paint, Heather uses a paint meant for leather. Doing this will ensure that her piece of stamped leather will not only look good but will last as well.

Heather then demonstrates how she applies the paint to the stamp using a small brush. She uses several different colors and blends them together on the stamp, ensuring that all areas of the stamp are covered. Heather then shows how to stamp the leather, pressing down on the back of the stamp to ensure all of the paint is transferred to the leather. For this project Heather creates just one piece of stamped leather however you could use other fabric and create several stamped quilt blocks to put together into a larger project.

Art Quilt

Once the paint has dried the piece of stamped leather fabric can then be incorporated into an art quilt. Heather shows how she choose to cut the leather apart in a grid fashion to make nine smaller pieces. She then arranges the smaller pieces on a black leather background to create the final look. Once she has the pieces in place she shows how to first glue them and then explains how she plans to quilt it.

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