Using Fabric Fray in Your Quilt Design

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Duration: 2:41

Heather Thomas provides helpful tips on how to utilize the fray in fabrics when making your quilt. Learn what fabrics fray better than others and see the many unique ways of incorporating fray into your pieces. Use these tips to add texture to your quilts.

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6 Responses to “Using Fabric Fray in Your Quilt Design”

  1. LAURA

    Thank you for sharing this. That white piece is absolutely beautiful! Do you have any social media accounts I could follow? ~Laura

  2. Tess Jones

    What kind of stitches to use when fabric is frayed? Is your sample added to make a large quilt?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Tess,

      You can use a standard straight stitch when fraying fabric, however you will want to shorten your stitch length to help ensure that the stitching stays in place and the fabric does not fray beyond the stitching.


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  3. pwrash

    On the binding with fray, you said “tuck that in before binding down.” Is this a separate piece of frayed material?

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