Colleen Tauke

Sweet Dreams Mask

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   1 mins

Join Colleen Tauke on Tuesday, November 8th at 10:00 am CT to learn how to make this sleeping mask! Christmas is coming soon and finding unique stocking stuffer items can be a challenge. Getting quality sleep during this time is always a “sweet deal”, so let’s stitch up sleep masks that are just as sweet. Join me for the Sweet Dreams & Jelly Beans sleep mask Live event. Click here to download the free pdf!

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4 Responses to “Sweet Dreams Mask”

  1. Joyce

    Hello from Savannah Georgia

  2. Tootie

    Awesome tutorial! I’m ready to make my Christmas presents. Thank you😊

  3. Dawn-Theresa Stains

    Thank You so cute

  4. Irene Lumley

    Hello from Madison Alabama

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