Simple Designs with Nine Patches

Sherri Driver
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Duration:   25  mins

Sherri Driver teaches you a quick and easy way to design beautiful, simple, traditional type quilts. Designing your own quilt has never been so enjoyable and easy to do. See many examples of quilts designed with nine patches as well. Find out how a design for a quilt is simply a plan! Use these tips and techniques for designing simple quilts with nine patches to improve your quilting skills and expertise.

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6 Responses to “Simple Designs with Nine Patches”

  1. Charleen Haugen

    Thank you for this marvelous class. I am always looking for new ideas and this was a class that was definitely satisfying.

  2. Joy Summers

    Simple block but such a good tutorial on designing your own quilt with nine patches. Enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Sandra Cohen

    Wonderful presentation. Sparked a lot of ideas form. Thanks!

  4. Marie

    I absolutely loved this presentation! How well organized you are, and how exciting is was to see the transformations that occur with simple changes. I’m a beginner quilter and have been wondering how to take the next step from following to the letter someone else’s design to producing something much more personal. I’m so inspired, and after viewing this tutorial I’m also much more confident and feeling ready to branch out.

  5. Tracey

    I want to design my own nine patch

  6. Jigar

    I LOVE the free-motion quilting you did on my wraotmelen quilt and that you didn't have to go over any of the seeds- turned out beautifully! I might have to give you another project to add to your list when I finish MJ's baby clothes quilt (you do such a good job and there are several squares with embellishments ) =0) This book looks fabulous!

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