Rotary Cutter Safety

National Quilters Circle Editors
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Duration:   1  mins

Lori Baker discusses the proper safety techniques that you should implement when using a rotary cutter for your quilting projects. She suggests getting a tool that has a safety lock, keeping your fingers far from the edge when using a ruler and rotary cutter, and putting it away from reach when you aren’t using it.

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3 Responses to “Rotary Cutter Safety”

  1. Emma

    This is serious, have spent all day in emergency with a side of my finger cut in a neat edge. Be careful.

  2. Karen King

    Better yet go to the local electric supply store and buy some "cut gloves"...cheaper than ordering on line from various quilting shops plus these come in more comfortable sizes rather than one size giant cut glove! No more cutting my fingers now!

  3. Reta

    Is this a joke? Nothing to do with rotary cutters, a cartoon commercial.

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