Colleen Tauke

Resolutions with Clarity

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   1 mins

Join Colleen Tauke on January 10th at 10:00 am CT for a FREE LIVE event. It’s a new year! As always we take a quick glance back and then make a plan for the future, it’s good to ask ourselves: What has worked well? What are things we would like to change or adapt? We begin setting goals for what we would like to see in 2023.

1. Have a visual list of your UFOs.
2. Relieve yourself of unwanted projects.
3. Gifts items get completed in a timely fashion—mark your calendar.
4. Quilt tops that need to be delivered to a longarm quilter are addressed and needed backings are purchased.
* We have videos about how to create backings. :)
5. One major project gets priority and a completion plan is created.
6. Those quilts only needing binding and labels get finished one at a time.
* We have videos about binding if you would like tips for improving your binding skills. :)
* We have videos that cover a variety of quilt label ideas and techniques. :)
7. Share information about the National Quilters Circle with your quilt friends, guild members, LQS, and small group friends. We learn from each other and have more fun when we are in communities that share common interests and goals.

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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3 Responses to “Resolutions with Clarity”

  1. Vicki

    I was born and raised in Des Moines but live in small town in Utah now

  2. Geraldine

    Hi from Perth, Western Australia.

  3. Annette pallowick

    Hello from Florida

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