Heather Thomas

Triangle Quilt: Quilting Triangles In Your Design

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   1 mins

Machine quilting is a popular method for adding intricate quilting designs whether you are working on a small art quilt or making a king size quilt for a bed. Heather Thomas shows how quilting triangles and other angled designs can add energy and balance to a piece.

Negative Space

Most quilt designs, no matter how big or small, will include some kind of negative space. In many cases, the negative space is filled with stipple quilting. Stipple quilting is free motion quilting that allows the quilter to meander around an area in random lines and designs usually consisting of gently curves. Heather shows an example of how quilting triangles into a negative space rather than curves adds energy to the piece and allows the background to stand up to the other bold elements of the quilt. Whether stipple quilting or quilting triangles, use this and other quilting tips and techniques to make a random design, rather than following a specific path.

Tie Designs Together

Having a focal point, or an area of a quilt that stands out among the rest, is a common design element in art quilting. Focal points can be large motifs added to a surface or simply be a bold color or fabric design. While the point of a focal point is to have it stand out, the piece still needs to be balanced as a whole. Heather shows how quilting triangles and other angled designs can tie bold areas of a quilt together.

Fabric and Quilting Design

Today the choices of fabric design and color are endless. Angles and other intricate design elements can be added with fabric, as with mosaic quilts, or they can be added with quilting. Heather shows an example of an art quilt that has both a bold fabric print and solid fabric colors. By quilting triangles over the solid fabric color, Heather makes that section of the quilt stand up to the bold fabric and balances the whole piece.

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