Quilter’s Garage Sale

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Duration: 7:31

When it comes time to get rid of fabrics and quilting materials that you aren’t going to use, throwing it out isn’t the only option. This video features helpful tips for getting some cash back for your fabrics, quilting books, and other materials that you don’t want or need anymore. Learn how to host your own quilter’s garage sale!

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3 Responses to “Quilter’s Garage Sale”

  1. Peter Muise

    Thank you you are a great presenter and this has been very helpful Fabric has been taking over the house and we are trying to deal with it,
    Space is limited looking for ideas video for storing and organizing fabrics in a small space

  2. Alicia Key

    i’m sorry I haven’t met you- there’s a twinkle in your eye near the end that shows just a littly ornery-ness! Best kind of quilter! Thanks for the tips to dispose of fabric. I keep thinking I’ll get die cuts from them but it just doesn’t get done!

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