How to Care for Cutting Mats

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   4  mins

As a quilter, it is important to take proper care of our cutting mats to make sure they stay in their best condition. Quilter Kelly Hanson shares some tips on how to care for your cutting mats, and shows the supplies needed to clean and maintain them. Watch this quick quilting tip to keep your cutting mat in tip top shape.

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18 Responses to “How to Care for Cutting Mats”

  1. Dawnette Watts

    How do you store your cutting mat without it bending and getting out of flat place? Yes

  2. Janice

    Wasn't able to get the discussion

  3. Brenda Ash

    How often would you suggest to do this cleaning of the mat?


    If I clean my mat in the shower what are the proportions of vinegar, palmolive and water to put in a spray bottle. I don't have anywhere big enough to put it in a tub. Thank you, my mat definitely needs cleaning. Also how do you get cut marks out of the mat, does this washing help heal the mat.


    Thank you for this! I didn't understand how much gentle soap (Ivory) to use. I had recently heard something to the effect of this procedure; very glad to have it in video form. Did the Online Video Streaming Community come up with a "recipe" for this cleaning/moisturizing of a cutting mat? Again, thanks! pj stitches!

  6. jkmccnh

    For very large mats can I put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle, the mat on a towel, and spritz the mat, then rinse the mat in a cool shower, and air dry on a towel?

  7. Mona Serpe

    I have 2 large mats that won’t lay flat in my tub. One is 36x59 1/4” and one 24 3/4x37”. How do I clean these?

  8. Susan Conner

    Wish you had this available as text document. I have lost more than 50% of my hearing and have found these videos are very difficult, if nnot impossible, to understand.

  9. Paleoriffic

    No audio after introduction. Do I need to pay for it?

  10. Brenda

    My mat was use is an ironing board and has a warp, can cleaning and laying it flat to dry eliminate the warp?

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