Heather Thomas

Quilt Colors and Depth with Visual Temperatures

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

Heather Thomas discusses warm and cool quilt colors. Each color in your quilt creates depth due to its visual temperature. Watch this quilting tutorial and learn more about colors and depth for your next quilting projects.

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5 Responses to “Quilt Colors and Depth with Visual Temperatures”

  1. Merryl

    That was really interesting. I now want to experiment doing the warm out front and the swap and do cool out front to see the difference. I imagine the cool out front would look flatter and less dimensional?

  2. Sandie

    I am a newbie on quilting. I love video's that talk about the color wheel. my dilemma is what about the color of your painted walls. my walls are a white /gray (alabaster) what color would gray be in ??. I was told to use warm colors in my quilts .

  3. alison m

    Yes, agreed you never disappoint. Your teaching is always thoroughly researched and thought through. Your recent tips on quilting using Iris pins was fab too - quite amazing. I'm now going to work through the colour workshops in your book as my 2015 learning project. One a month. Sorted. Thanks for your work and generous sharing.

  4. Kaye Tufton

    I did not know any of this. always thought red was a hot color...hmmmm will have to think about all this for my next fabrix choices. thank you....

  5. Betty Huth

    I took art lessons for a few years just because I couldn't make sense of anything when I walked in to a quilt shop. Color is everything, learning to know what it can do, is priceless. Please keep teaching on color. It is always about the basic. When I go to this site, I am hoping and looking for real knowledge and you do not disappoint. Betty

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