Q-Zone Hoop Frame Review

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If you are someone who is interested in long arm quilting but have stayed away from it because of the cost of a long arm machine or the amount of space it will take up, the Q-Zone hoop frame from the Grace Company is a great solution.

Using the Q-Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone hoop frame is a quilting frame that allows you to use your own sewing machine for free motion quilting. At four and a half feet, this frame is much smaller than a standard long arm quilting frame, making it easier to fit into your sewing room or any room in the house. Even given the smaller size of this frame, you can still quilt king size or larger quilts on this frame by adjusting the quit over the frame, rolling and clamping it in place and working in sections at a time.

Another great feature of this frame is its cost saving benefit. Rather than having to buy both a frame and a machine with a standard long arm, you can get just the Q-Zone Hoop frame and use it with your standard sewing machine. This frame is compatible with most domestic and long arm sewing machines up to 19” and allows you to get comfortable using the frame and quilting in this style of quilting- which allows you to move the machine over the quilt, rather than moving the quilt under the machine, using a machine you are familiar with. You can simply clamp your machine onto the frame carriage so that it doesn’t move, and then easily and effortlessly move it in any direction you want while you quilt.

Once you have finished quilting you can easily remove the machine from the frame carriage and get started on your next project or start learning new quilting tips and techniques.

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One Response to “Q-Zone Hoop Frame Review”

  1. Linda

    Can the Q-Zone Hoop Frame be used with the PFAFF Performance 5.2?

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