NQC LIVE! Starlight Mountains Quilt Block Challenge

Andrea Smith
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Duration:   43  mins

Nicki LaFoille and special guest Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations discuss our newest FREE quilt block challenge: Starlight Mountains, in this month’s Q&A. They address many questions related to the challenge, as well as general quilting questions.

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12 Responses to “NQC LIVE! Starlight Mountains Quilt Block Challenge”

  1. Melanie

    did not receive any instructions other than the fabric requirements. I thought we were to get the first pattern on the 7th. Please advise. Have not had this problem previously.

  2. Margaret Boardman

    Where do I find the directions/suggestions to make larger sizes of the quilt?

  3. Linda

    Looking forward to starting this quilt.

  4. Angela L Douglas

    I am so excited to get started, this looks like a lot of fun.

  5. ann

    what are the size of finished blocks used ?


    Are the test instructions for the scant 1/4" in the documents?

  7. Mary

    Is there going to be a cutting instruction for this quilt like cutting out all the pieces for the whole quilt along and then each week put the blocks together

  8. Loraine

    I notice you are showing all solids. Will this quilt look good with small prints or batiks?

  9. Peggy Foley

    How big are the blocks? Would a print fabric work?

  10. Gail

    Great, can’t wait

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