NQC LIVE: Layered Star Trivet

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Ready for some retro reflection? The Layered Star Trivet is reminiscent of similar projects that used the same technique back in the 1980s. We’ll take take a step back from piecing and just enjoy some color as we play with simple squares and create a beautiful star pattern. Join us for a bit of folding fun!

Make sure to download the Layered Start Trivet Pattern now!

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3 Responses to “NQC LIVE: Layered Star Trivet”

  1. Tammy Jenkins

    When making the star trivet, do you put the batting under the layered star and then the insulbrite and then the backing material?

  2. Kathy Hill

    I love this! I made a number of these years ago and loved it! I have since lost the pattern, so this tutorial and pattern is fabulous! Thank you so much, Colleen!