Colleen Tauke

NQC LIVE! February 2020

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   43  mins

This month on our NQC LIVE, Colleen chatted about her time in Bali on a NQC Tour and what she learned about Batik fabrics while she was there. She also answered questions from viewers on how to enter a quilt into a county or state fair, what her favorite ruler is to work with and how to makeshift your own sticky-back ruler. Watch it now if you missed it LIVE!

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3 Responses to “NQC LIVE! February 2020”

  1. Sandra Cummings

    I have few tops that I started (did not finish) , put up in boxes and havent pulled out to finish. Have you ever started one and picked up months later? How do you get remotivated?

  2. Rebecca Jones

    Which Brother Machine do you have?

  3. Norma Giron

    First timer

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