NQC LIVE! February 2019

Toby Lischko
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Duration:   59  mins

Ashley Hough and Toby Lischko answered quilting questions live from our Minnesota Headquarters in this month’s NQC LIVE. They covered questions regarding the upcoming Mystery Paper Piecing Quilt Block challenge, as well as many other quilting related questions.

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10 Responses to “NQC LIVE! February 2019”

  1. Leeann Bradley

    I heard a rumour that one of the patterns was incorrect and needed to be revised. I just got my material on the 1st of March, so yes I am way behind.

  2. Becky

    Can you show us the fabrics in the kit so we have an idea of your color choices?

  3. Tina O'Shea

    Will School Smart Paper work for paper piecing?

  4. Tina O'Shea

    I was told School Smart Ruled paper can be used. Is this correct for paper piecing?

  5. diane muchow

    Suggestion- use or give a color catcher when washing quilt for first time. Also, what size longarm needle do you use with Glide thread? I just started longarming.

  6. Midge

    Have you tried the paper sold at Walmart in the Office section that is used for wrapping items, for paper piecing. It is like newspaper.

  7. Rosemary

    Does it help to drink wine while quilting?

  8. janet

    With the name of the quilt being Ice Crystals, does the pattern lean towards looking better in a certain color palate?

  9. Kristin

    For those who signed up after Jan 31 where can we get fabric requirements

  10. Melissa AHLERS

    Ready to start the new quilt along. YAY

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