Make Your Own Applique Quilt Patterns

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   16  mins

Kelly Hanson gives us some ideas for thoughtful holiday gifts for loved ones. Instead of buying an applique pattern from the store, try creating your own! In this video, watch as Kelly creates an applique snowman as part of a fun gift for her grandchildren, and gives us some other ideas to get started on our own creations!

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3 Responses to “Make Your Own Applique Quilt Patterns”

  1. Annemarie Kammler

    I would have liked to have seen her sew olaf's hands on. what would she have done at the fingers since they are small.

  2. TONI

    I'm curious... did you happen to get permission from Disney to use their copyrighted design?

  3. Elizabeth Barnett

    weirdest looking snowman I've ever seen!

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