Longarm-Type Quilting Samples

Toby Lischko
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Duration:   9  mins

Completing a patchwork quilt top is easy. Quilting the quilt is an entirely different story. Many quilters gain skills quickly when it comes to making units, blocks, and borders, but what about the finishing? Trying to determine what kinds of patterns to use when actually quilting motivates us to learn edge-to-edge or free-motion designs. Join Toby Lischko as she discusses a variety of simple designs to get you started.

Quilters sometimes begin quilting using pantographs, stencils or repetitive, planned designs. They are safe and predetermined designs that assist us in getting quilts completed. Eventually, many quilters strive to learn more unique patterns for edge-to-edge that they can make their own. Whether you see them as free-motion quilting designs or longarm quilting designs, every design can be adapted to the domestic as well as mid-arm sewing machines. Your instructor demonstrates a wide range of stitch designs and their variations.

You will see stitched free-motion quilting examples of the following patterns as Toby talks you through the process of creating that specific stitch design.

1. The Hook—vary the size and direction for a great “fill” stitch

2. The Rose—begins with the hook and then adds petals with a repeating motion to the size you determine

3. The Star Flower—a hook with spikes that encircle the center for a fabulous design

4. The Hook Feather—begins with a spine and then uses the basic hook to flow from the spine; can be varied in size and width; great for border fills

5. Shells or Teardrops—scale can vary and an excellent fill design or edge-to-edge

6. Hook and Teardrop—a variation with an interesting center within the teardrop

7. Grid Fills—requires marking a grid on the quilt top and a variety of stitch patterns is demonstrated to create the woven quilting effect.

For more great videos and information about longarm quilting for beginners and how to prep for longarm machine quilting, follow the links provided here.

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One Response to “Longarm-Type Quilting Samples”

  1. Rebecca Brooks

    Yes I do FMQ but I can only do simple stippling. I would love to see a free video of this. I have an older machine sixteen is the only thing I can think of right now. But I just can’t seem to get the hold of these.

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