Heather Thomas

Learn Paper Piecing Quilting Techniques

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   41  mins

Learn traditional paper piecing techniques and see how a complete block goes together – Heather Thomas shows you how with a fun, decorative leaf design.

Block Designs

When it comes to putting together a paper pieced block, it is important to understand how the block is designed before you attempt to stitch it. Heather explains how a paper piecing block is laid out, what all of the different sections mean and where to start. She also gives tips on how to label each section so you know what color of fabric needs to go where. She also explains why certain designs are made into paper piecing patterns versus regular piecing patterns and what kinds of design elements are easier to complete using a paper piecing method.


Once Heather explains how to read the pattern it’s time to start stitching the block. She explains that her paper piecing technique is a stitch and flip method, which she demonstrates. She shows how she uses pins to mark her seam allowances before stitching rather than having to measure and cut each fabric section separately. She also gives tips for how to ensure the piece of fabric being used is large enough to cover the section being stitched after it is flipped.

Machine Set Up

While Heather puts together an entire paper pieced block in this quilting tutorial she also gives several tips along the way that can make the process easier. She explains how to adjust the stitch length being used to make it easier to remove the paper from the block once it is done. She also shares how she likes to streamline her paper piecing by using only a couple pins and a small pair of scissors, rather than having to have a sewing, cutting and pressing station all set up separately.

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