Heather Thomas

Interaction of Color with Quilt Fabrics

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

Heather Thomas presents helpful techniques for determining what color fabrics to use when making your quilts. Learn how colors interact with each other and how to ensure the colors “make” your quilt rather than “break” your quilt. Find out how to utilize different colored shapes and fabrics without creating visual chaos. See what color interactions you enjoy and incorporate those techniques into your quilt.

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5 Responses to “Interaction of Color with Quilt Fabrics”

  1. Craig

    Why did you want the central star pointed element to shine ?

  2. Carol Pickens

    After watching this video regarding Interaction of Color with Quilt Fabrics, I have to say that I understand where you are coming from regarding contrast.l However, in your second example, the row quilts, I personally prefer the softer pallet of the first quilt you showed. It is more "pleasing" to the eye from the standpoint that the colors flow together, blend well and the accent colors give it interest. My eye has a place to focus and rest on the designs in this quilt. Therefore it is pleasing and attractive. My brain accepts the color combinations without feeling like the eye has to search for a focal point. The second row quilt has more "action" with the contrast in colors and my eye is searching for a focal point and cannot find a place to rest. The blend is too jumbled up for my personal taste. I have viewed many quilts done in a manner where the eye has no place to rest and no focal point of comfort and will soon get a headache looking at these types of designs. This is where my brain does not accept the design or color combination easily and eventually it becomes agitated. Therefore, I much prefer the blending versus the definitive contrast and color combination in some pallets.

  3. Gay McGee

    Wow that explained a lot thank you Heather!

  4. Kathy

    Wow!!! This was great, l loved the fact she has several different quilt tops to look at and compare.

  5. irena mangone

    This was very interesting tell the truth I liked all the variations

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