ZJ Humbach

Tips for Using Invisible Thread

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   6  mins

Using invisible thread can be a great way to quilt your quilt when you want the fabric and pieced pattern of the quilt top to be the star of the design, rather than the quilting itself. However, using invisible thread can be more challenging that using regular thread like cotton or polyester. ZJ Humbach shares several tips for working with invisible thread and how to make it easier.

Thread Types

ZJ fist explains that there are different types of invisible thread and that some are easier to work with that other. There is nylon invisible thread, which is much stiffer and has a feel similar to fishing line and there is invisible thread that is a polyester blend, which is less stiff and can be easier to work with. ZJ explains some of the attributes of invisible thread and how they can be positive or negative in terms of your project. ZJ also shares how to choose the best thread color and shows that some brands of invisible thread come in different colors, a clear and a smoke color, depending on the color of fabric you plan to quilt on.

Working with Invisible Thread

Once explaining the different types of invisible thread, ZJ give several tips for using invisible thread, including what size of needle to use. She also gives tips on how to wind a bobbin using invisible thread and also what size thread to use in the bobbin if you plan to use a different color thread in the bobbin and invisible thread in the needle. Another tip ZJ shares for using invisible thread, which can be used in conjunction with more quilting tips and techniques, is to use a thread nest over the spool of thread when quilting to ensure the thread winds off of the spool evenly.

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