How to Make a Stained Glass Quilt

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Duration: 16:26

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Learn how to make a stained glass quilt in a few easy steps with no pattern required – Ashley Hough shows you how.

Fabric Selection

When learning how to make a stained glass quilt, one of the most important parts is the fabric. You will want to have black or another very dark fabric to serve as the outlines to all of your stained glass panels and brightly colored or bright solid fabric to serve as the stained glass windows. Ashley uses black fabric and a batik fabric for this demonstration as a batik fabric often combines many different bright color onto one fabric.

Cutting and Piecing

The next step in learning how to make a stained glass quilt is the cutting and piecing. For this technique- no pattern is required, you simply need a square of window fabric that is as large as you want your finished block to be and strips of 1” black fabric. Ashley shows how to cut apart the square of fabric into nine different sized pieces.

Once they have been cut apart, Ashley shows how to begin piecing them back together with the 1” strips of black fabric between each piece. She explains that is is important to ensure that the pieces are going back together in the correct order so that the finished block will come out in the correct size. She explains how this technique for learning how to make a stained glass quilt block can also be used to make several blocks the same size and shape by either cutting them out at the same time or by making a template.

These fun blocks can be used on their own for a small mug rug, or several can be stitched together to make a stained glass table runner or even a full quilt. Check out these videos for more quilting projects.