How to Cut Fabric for Quilting Blocks

Laura Stone Roberts
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Duration:   21  mins

Laura Roberts teaches you how to cut novelty fabric into little squares and make them into a block. She recommends using fabric with motifs that are easy to cut out to make a block, but also shows you how to use stripes, a bias-cut strip, a border stripe, and templates you may have made.

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13 Responses to “How to Cut Fabric for Quilting Blocks”

  1. TAMMY

    Why do I have to listen to all your ads before EVERY video when I have paid for a premium membership? Frustrating!

    • Customer Service

      Hello Tammy. I am sorry for your frustration. Any of the free videos will have a short ad. We do appreciate your feedback. I will forward your comments on to the proper department.
      If you have any questions, please chat, email or phone customer service.
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  2. Marg

    An excellent presentation but an engaging speaker! Can’t wait to grab some odder-looking or striped fabric that are languishing in my stash. Wonderful ideas and such a warm and welcoming attitude. Thank you!!

  3. Christina Garcia

    Lovely video. I just loved her energy. I am a beginner-level quilter/patchwork maker and enjoyed seeing the different ways to fussy cut stripes. Very well done.

  4. carrfive

    This tutorial it great….so much information for a beginning quilter. Thank you so much!

  5. Helen Merkis

    I’m obsessed with the blue snowman striped boarder fabric. Where can I find it?? I’m desperate to find it. Thank you!

    • carrfive

      I Like Helen Above love the snowman quilt. Just like her where can I find it……love it, love it, love it!

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