How to Choose a Quilting Fabric

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Duration: 10:43

Aurora Sisneros and Kelly Pederson Hanson express important tips and information regarding different quilting fabrics. Find out what the many benefits are for using certain fabrics as well as how the size and sharpness of your sewing needle impacts the durability of your quilt. Learn how to find the grain line in quilting fabrics and identify the best fabric for each of your quilts.

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3 Responses to “How to Choose a Quilting Fabric”

  1. Theresa

    Great video except for one thing. Kelly talked as if all quilts are quilted on a longarm. I would like to know how to handle using Minky fabric on the back of a quilt that will be quilted on a domestic machine.

  2. Maria

    I do not understand how this discussion matches the title of selecting quilting fabric.
    The needle discussion only applies to quilting on long arm machines and is thus confusing. Sharps are used with standard home use machines.
    The discussion on straight of grain on the cotton is not correct. She straightens out the cross grain. The straight of grain is along the selvage.