Ashley Hough

How to Write on Your Quilt with Free Motion Quilting

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   4  mins

Free motion quilting is not only a great way to quilt your quilt but it can be a fun way to add a word, sentiment or signature to your next project. Ashley Hough shares some fun free motion quilting tips on how to practice ‘writing’ on your quilts.

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Free Motion Quilting Tips

Free motion quilting is generally quilting done with the feed dogs on a machine down, a free motion or darning foot on the machine and the quilter in control of moving the fabric. This type of quilting can be difficult to learn when first starting out because quilters can become used to the machine forming the stitches and moving the fabric for them. It can also be difficult for those who are used to following patterns or designs exactly. When learning more about free motion quilting, including this technique, a great free motion quilting tip is to print out a design on printer paper and then stitch over the design following the printed lines. This is especially helpful when learning how to free motion quilt words or letters on a project. Ashley shares how she found a simple font on the computer and printed off individual letters to begin practicing with first. A cursive font can be easier to work with when using this technique because all of the letters run together like they will when free motion quilting. She then demonstrates how she stitches over the printed letters to practice getting a feel for the shape of the letter. She then explains that if you are wanting to stitch something specific onto a quilt, like a phrase, or if you plan to sign your name on all of your quilts that you should practice that specific thing. For a more in depth look at quilting free motion script, check out the class Learning to Stitch Free Motion Script.

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2 Responses to “How to Write on Your Quilt with Free Motion Quilting”

  1. Deborah Parsons

    What an excellent tip! I've transferred designs for practicing FMQ using chalk and stencils, etc. It never occurred to me to just stitch through the design on paper.

  2. Willodean

    This Video stops after every few sentences. Not very good to watch!

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