Free Motion Quilting

Sherri Driver
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Duration:   26  mins

Free motion quilting is a fast and fun way to finish your quilts! Sherri Driver walks us through free motion quilting and how you can control the size and direction of your stitching design just by moving the quilt with your hands. Start practicing free motion quilting or designing your next quilt today with this helpful tutorial.

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16 Responses to “Free Motion Quilting”

  1. Julia Shrout

    I loved the video! It was so helpful! I’m just getting started with quilting. Thank you, Sherri, for showing several different patterns. I’m a lot more confident to try free motion quilting!!

  2. Sandra J Alvarado

    what stitch length do you use?

  3. Denise Sawyer

    I’m a beginner. Picking up my free motion quilting foot tomorrow. This is the best tutorial I’ve seen. Can’t wait to try all these stitches! To be sure, this video will be right by my sewing machine when I do.

  4. Angie Fancher

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I’m new at quilting and needed to learn a few easier free motion designs and this was the perfect class! The quilts at the end were absolutely gorgeous as well.

  5. rhonda_james3

    There is no free motion quilting on this site. It took me to a Saudi Arabia travel site. I have decided not to continue my membership. Please cancel my subscription.

  6. pfischer56

    This is the first video I’ve seen on the site and it does not meet my needs. Perhaps you can recommend a different one. I am just now attempting free motion quilting so I need clear steps to setting up the machine tension and any other prep. I have a free motion foot installed and know how to drop my feed dogs. When I tried this I end up with a mess on the back of the quilt.

  7. Carol

    When I have tried to free motion quilting, the needle tends to hop when I stop to adjust the material. What am I doing to cause this?

  8. Sandra Flickstein

    Very informative with good explanations. I am new to using a sewing machine and free motion stitching. I will be rewatching this frequently.

  9. aphilbeck

    Thank you so much for your methods of FMQ. Im kinda new at this, Ive made about 13 quilts and 3 more to quilt, I love FMQ. Thanks again for this video. Going to the MidAtlantic Quit Festival tomorrow. Are You?

  10. Lois Borton

    That was great . Really enjoyed it and hopefully I can learn and do a good job. Lois B.

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