Foundation Paper Piecing with Wash-away Paper

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Foundation paper piecing is a great technique to use if you struggle with aligning or matching points when piecing. ZJ Humbach explains what foundation paper piecing is, shows how to do it and shows how to use wash away paper to make removing the foundation easier.

Foundation Paper Piecing Technique

ZJ explains that when using the foundation paper piecing technique there are actually many different foundations that can be used- regular printer paper, foundation paper, specialty paper piecing paper, wash away paper or even freezer paper for a technique known as paperless paper piecing. She explains what her preferred foundation to use is and why.

ZJ then explains how to use the foundation to piece a block using a small example block. Foundation paper piecing patterns can come already printed on foundation paper or you can transfer the design to the paper. ZJ explains that this can be done by printing directly onto the paper or tracing the pattern onto the paper.

After the lines of the paper piecing pattern have been transferred onto the paper, the next important part is the labeling. This is generally done using either numbers or letters, and indicates the order in which the fabric should be stitched onto the foundation. Using a small example block ZJ shows how to attach the first piece of fabric to the foundation paper.

From there she demonstrates how to add the next pieces in order to finish the block. Since fabric pieces cut to exact sizes aren’t needed when foundation paper piecing there is trimming that needs to be done once all of the numbered or lettered sections are covered. ZJ shows how to trim up the block once it’s finished, explaining why there are two lines around the outside of a paper piecing pattern and what they mean. For more instruction on this topic watch more videos on foundation piecing.

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