Peg Spradlin

Fold and Sew Quilts

Peg Spradlin
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Duration:   9  mins

Peg Spradlin shows us a quick and easy quilting technique for your next project. Fold and Sew Quilts are fun and easy projects that may be a good change of pace after you have completed a long, and tedious quilt. Watch as Peg walks you through the process of creating a fold and sew quilt and get started today!

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31 Responses to “Fold and Sew Quilts”

  1. Virginia C Clemens

    Where did you get that beautiful material??

  2. Velina

    How do you press your seams on the reverse?

  3. Lis Tousey

    I've been quilting 55 years and never saw this technique it's wonderful. Do you since you're using multiple layers of fabric for the top put a batting inside? Do you just put a backing on it and call it done?

  4. Kim

    Thank you so much! I’m a beginner and I can’t wait to get started on a quilt using this fold and see technique! You are a very good instructor, thank you for this video!

  5. Carrie Rouse

    This video was fantastic. I tried my first quilt like this and so far cannot believe how easy and clean it is. Thank you for posting this video.

  6. SHERI

    New quilter here..Thank you..great idea, never would of thought of that. I would of been trying all ways still struggling to get it right. Great video

  7. Sheena Mailer

    What a wonderful idea. I will definitely be trying all of your ideas. Thank you for your video.

  8. claire ross

    amazing ! many thanks for sharing and teaching

  9. Becca

    I'm having a total DUH moment. I'm doing the pattern that shows the pinwheel in the center. I know it says to baste stitch the triangles on to hold them. However, I am super confused as to how I am to piece this together. Can a video be done to show us 'visual' learners? Please help, Lost and Confused

  10. Lynda Gallagher

    Are there written instructions to match video?

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