Half Square Triangles: Be Your Own Quilt Designer eGuide


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Guide: Half Square Triangles: Be Your Own Quilt Designer

Creating your own quilt designs can be an intimidating next step in the craft, but it doesn’t have to be. The secret is to use a base block that’s simple to work with, but versatile enough to create hundreds of unique designs. That block is the half square triangle, and it’s one of the simplest ones you can make. It’s just two triangles, one dark and one light, sewn together on the bias to create one square with a diagonal line from corner to corner. With this most basic of blocks you can create dozens of quick quilts in delightful patterns or make an artisan quilt elaborate enough for the next guild quilt show. Depending on the fabrics you use, your quilt can look like you worked on it for a year or more. Only you will know how simple it was to make.

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