Inspiring Projects and Unique Designs DVD




DVD: Inspiring Projects and Unique Designs

This quilting video will provide you with easy ways to add some style to your quilt. Our quilting instructors will show you how to create a flexible hand applique using visible web without applique pins. You will learn how to create artful embellishments and unique prints using dyed cheese cloth and crayons on your quilt. This video will also show you new ways to use the versatile Four X Variation Block and help you implement a piecing and wool applique technique into your blocks. 61 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Techniques Revealed: Visable Web & Hand Applique
  • Color Inspiration: Color Crayon Quilts
  • Design Workshop: Four X Variation Block
  • Techniques Revealed: So Tweet & More
  • Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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