Designing Your Perfect Quilt 6-DVD Set




6-DVD Set: Designing Your Perfect Quilt

Design Strategies for the Experienced Quilter – 55 minutes

  • Trying Something New: Sandwiching a Reversible Quilt
  • Design Workshop: Mini Mosaics
  • Quick Tip: Hand Quilting Basics
  • Finishing Touches: Binding: How Much Do You Need?
  • Techniques Revealed: Stenciling with Soft Molding Paste
  • Steps and Methods for Extraordinary Creations – 60 minutes

  • Trying Something New: Creating an Art Quilt
  • Design Workshop: Block Party
  • Method Revealed: How to mark a Quilt Top
  • Quick Tips: Scrap baskets
  • Color Inspiration: Working with Whites
  • Designing & Creating Outstanding Quilts – 72 minutes

    Learn our quilter’s favorite types of free motion designs with “Pebble Quilting” and “Angular Stippling” and how to use those design for different textures in your next project. This DVD series will allow you to create motion in your quilt through the popular method of ‘”flying geese” and much more. Treat yourself to a quick and simple present when creating a wool needle book, something that will be useful and last forever. The topics in this video include:

  • Design Workshop: A Trio of a Favorite Free Motion Quilting Design
  • Method Revealed: Flying Geese
  • Design Workshop: Needle Book
  • Trying Something New: Freeing Feathers
  • Inspiring Projects and Unique Designs – 61 minutes

    This quilting video will provide you with easy ways to add some style to your quilt. Our quilting instructors will show you how to create a flexible hand applique using visible web without applique pins. You will learn how to create artful embellishments and unique prints using dyed cheese cloth and crayons on your quilt. This video will also show you new ways to use the versatile Four X Variation Block and help you implement a piecing and wool applique technique into your blocks. The topics in this video include:

  • Techniques Revealed: Visable Web & Hand Applique
  • Color Inspiration: Color Crayon Quilts
  • Design Workshop: Four X Variation Block
  • Techniques Revealed: So Tweet & More
  • Detail and Design for Charming Projects – 62 minutes

  • Techniques Revealed: Easy Trapunto
  • Tool Center: Hanging Sleeve
  • Trying Something New: Eye Candy Glasses Case
  • Design Workshop: Free Lace Appliques
  • Fun and Fanciful: Making Quilted Postcards
  • Exclusive Quilting Tips for the Skilled Quilter – 59 minutes

  • Techniques Revealed: Schnibbles
  • Trying Something New: Fabric Weave
  • Quick Tips: Be Comfortable & Injury Free While Sewing
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