Creative Living: Easy Home Craft & Decorating Projects


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Book: Creative Living: Easy Home Craft & Decorating Projects

If being creative is an important part of your lifestyle, you’re always looking for opportunities to pursue your crafting and decorating passions. Creative Living offers wonderful solutions to keep you busy (and to keep the creativity flowing)!

In this beautiful hardcover book, you’ll find 70 project ideas from a variety of disciplines, including sewing, painting, finishing, home decorating, wood crafts, decorative crafts, and floral crafts. Every project features beautiful, full-color photos of individual steps plus photos of the finished project so you know exactly what you’re working toward. Also included are helpful supply lists and valuable tips on crafting techniques that you’ll be able to use in your future projects.

Here is a sampling of some of the fabulous projects featured in this book:

Sewing Projects Wood Crafts
– Blanket Stitch Pillow – Customized Spice Rack
– Ottoman Slipcover – Staircase Display Shelf
– Reversible Tap-Top Curtains – Simple Rustic Picture Frame
– Elegant Fabric Throw – Wall-Mounted Plate Rack
Painting & Finishing Projects Decorative Crafts
– Painted Faux Wood Grain – Delicate Lace Doily Stenciling
– Faux Tortoiseshell-Finished Furniture – Paper Lamp Shade
– Painted Stone Effects for Floors – Creative Drapery Rod Finials
– Festive Chairs – Antiqued Prints & Photos
Decorating Projects Floral Crafts
– Sheer Treatments – Beautiful Table Wreath
– No-Sew Applique Pillow – Simple Moss Topiaries
– Re-Covered Removable Seat – Floral Place Settings
– Whimsical Window Cornice – Dried Flower Garden Box








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Front Matter pp.001-005

Front Matter pp.001-005


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Wood Crafts


Decorative Crafts


Decorating Projects