The Quilters Circle Podcast: Laura Coia

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Laura is a registered professional, with over 45 years of sewing experience including Seamstress, Quilting, Tailoring, Garment Repairs & construction, as well as teaching. Laura is also a published Pattern Designer and writes for various sewing & quilting magazines.

Laura has been awarded the Silver YouTube Award, issued by YouTube. Also, in 2018, she was awarded “The Ultimate Zoomer Award” by ZoomerMedia LTD. Laura has signed a book deal with C&T publishing featuring quilting patterns “as seen on YouTube” – book scheduled release for Spring of 2020.

Laura is also a freelance educator, and the founder of “Sew Very Easy” which is a very active educational, entertaining, and award-winning YouTube Channel. Laura teaches all aspects of sewing and quilting, while motivating everyone to spend quality time in the sewing room.

If you have watched her videos you will see her Relaxed…” it’s all good” attitude. 😊 Along with her free videos she shares many tips, techniques, and new ideas for the novice as well as the experienced. Her videos are easy to follow, allowing you to get the project done.

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One Response to “The Quilters Circle Podcast: Laura Coia”

  1. Barbara Hillegass

    Sorry quilt police! I believe there is no right or wrong way. Yes there may be suggestions but one must follow whatever works best for you. Enjoy this journey.